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Mother and grandmother, Sandra Nelson’s life has evolved from a seasoned business woman, civic leader, and elected official to an ordained minister with a strong devotion to Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine, and Trees.

A gifted intuitive, with an innate connection to nature and a remarkable ability to communicate with trees, Sandra has discovered what indigenous cultures have known for centuries; that wood has qualities that go far beyond the practical or the aesthetic. A life-long amateur arborist, Sandra raises trees from seed or cuttings. She also rescues young trees and cares for them until they are ready for adoption.

Sandra believes the power of Spirit is best shown through peaceful wisdom and acceptance of others. With a true passion for learning, much of her life is spent studying, and listening. And as a Soul Collage® Facilitator, published author, and amateur nature photographer, Sandra teaches by sharing her spiritual journeys through her articles, workshops, and presentations.

Sandra and her friend, Bart